Friday, June 27, 2008

Urban Legend?

Urban Legends are on both the skeptic and believer side (just more on the believer side). Here is a possible urban legend that I found, I have not been able to verify it so I better just leave it as Urban Legend.

In 1996 the US Air Force started test a night vision system deployed by FLIR systems inc. This system was developed for the Air Force for use in the forests of Eastern Europe. It was tested at Edwards Air Force base the location of the Air Force Flight Test Center. That’s where the new raptor was tested. To test the effectiveness of this new system they deployed 16 Air Force Ridge runners (air force special forces) into a 500 square mile test area in northern California. The Troops were air dropped in at different location where giving a day to travel through the forest, and told to become invisible. The area is supposed to be protected land and off limits to the public. The new FLIR system was mounted on two Air Force A-10 Warthogs, which are armored slow flying tanks killers. A second group of men where flown in on choppers and directed by the Warthog pilots. Too make a long story short in about five hours all 16 soldiers where captured along with two groups of campers consisting of 7 people, 4 hikers, and a squatter. The pilots where able to easily pick out every human in the 500 sq mile test area. One of the pilots Lt. Coronal J. Dobes wrote that he was able to tell the difference between a squirrel and a rabbit. Coronal Dobes is also a hunter and said that he would love to take this new system hunting because no animal was able to hide from it. During his debriefing he was jokingly asked if he looked for Bigfoot to which he replied yes but did not see him.
After more test the Air Force purchased this system which was eventually made available to the public under the name Star SAFIRE HD. If you visit FLIR’s web site you will see the specs on this system and how wide spread it has been deployed 1,600 units have been sold to over 70 nations.
A civilian contractor that work on the Air Force test was ask if the Air force would look for Bigfoot he replied that he didn’t know if they planned too but if Bigfoot was real this system would not have a problem finding him. Several weeks after the contractor was interviewed the Air Force conducted it’s final two flight tests of the FLIR system under the codename: “Coldman” . They are the only two test flights that remain classified to this date, there is a petition under the freedom of information act to have them released but so far no luck.

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