Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bigfoots are Everywhere?

Bigfoots have been spotted nearly everywhere.

BFRO shows in their database evidence of Bigfoots in 49 of 50 states - all but Hawaii. Yet other sources claim to have spotted a bigfoot in Hawaii.

So I am to believe that Bigfoots live in 50 of 50 states and all continents of the Earth, except Antarctica, and yet science cannot discover them?

How exactly would bigfoot get to the islands of Hawaii that were formed by volcanic activity out in the middle of the ocean? Are we to believe that Bigfoot makes his own open seas vessels for exploration?

Bigfoot evidence even comes from within and around Pittsburgh city limits. If Bigfoot did exist and therefore stayed hidden from science -- don't you think the odds are that it wouldn't be living in major metro area?

Using BFRO's (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) own statistics we see that New Jersey and Maryland are a bigger bigfoot hotspot than Oregon. This goes against tuition, since Oregon being in the Pacific Northwest has rain forest and vast stretches of wilderness. Yet, New Jersey the most densely populated state in the country, with much less wilderness, has more bigfoot sightings. I realize that more people can increase the odds of seeing a bigfoot, but how can there be a breeding population of bigfoots moving around undiscovered to science in a state with such limited wilderness?

New Jersey has 41 listings in 8,721 sq miles = 4.712 listings per 1,000 sq miles
Maryland has 25 listings in 12,407 sq miles = 2.015
Oregon has 201 listings in 98,381 sq miles = 2.043

As you can see Maryland per square mile is as much of a Bigfoot hotspot as Oregon and New Jersey is twice the bigfoot hotspot that Oregon is per square mile. In human population density, New jersey is ranked 1st, Maryland is 5th, and Oregon 39th. It does not make sense that densely populated states have the same or more density of bigfoot sightings as a state with a lot of wilderness like Oregon.

In my mind, sightings of Bigfoot in Hawaii and Pittsburgh do take away from the legitimacy of sightings elsewhere as surely the human mind is fallible and is imagining this creature in spots where it surely shouldn't be. Unless you are one of the believers that bigfoots get dropped off and picked up by UFO's which is another story.

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