Thursday, June 19, 2008

Patterson Film

Patterson's famous 1967 video still is the biggest piece of evidence for bigfoot today. When the video is stabilized so that the camera man's motion is taken out, it appears to be nothing more than a man in a suit.

Patterson and Gimlin went out looking to make a documentary of bigfoot and just so happened to stumble into one, at least according to them. Afterwards, they lied and said that Gimlin was an "Indian Guide" (perhaps to better market the video) and never returned the rented video camera, which got Patterson in a bit of legal trouble.

The story goes, Patterson, Gimlin, and 3 horses with their hooves clamoring on a rock bed sneak up on an unsuspecting elusive bigfoot that is kneeling down at the water's edge. The horses see the bigfoot and buck up - throwing Patterson off and onto the ground (and one of his versions the horse actually bucks up over and lands on top of him). Instantly Patterson is back on his feet with the video camera rolling as he sprints at the bigfoot creature while screaming to Gimlin, "cover me with the gun." All the while, the ever elusive bigfoot creature uses its wild animal instincts that has kept it undocumented from science after all of these years to casually stroll away with no panic or emotion down the clearing, taking the longer route back into the woods and even gives the camera one considerate look over. The video is quickly edited and then shipped out for profit.

What luck!

Now let us consider Bob Heironimus, who is a proven contact with both Patterson and Gimlin. He claims that he was in the costume and it was all a hoax.

Somethings to back up Heironimus' story.
#1 He has passed 2 lie detector tests, Patterson died in 1972 and Gimlin has not taken a polygraph.
#2 He has half a dozen witnesses who saw him with a bigfoot costume in 1967.
#3 Photogrammetry science used by the BBC put the bigfoot creature at almost exactly the same height as Heironimus.
#4 A biologist was puzzled by the brightness of the glare coming off of bigfoot's right eye and Heironimus has a glass right eye.
#5 Heironimus is seen in Patterson's 2nd reel looking for bigfoot in Patterson's posse.
#6 Heironimus's horse is the 3rd horse 'used for cargo' that is seen in the 1st reel when they actually run into the creature.
#7 Some of Patterson's friends and family have said that he admitted that he would fake some of his bigfoot evidence -- if not the film, but once you fake evidence your credibility goes into the tank.

Believers have demonized Bob Heironimus for taking 2 and passing 2 polygraphs while encouraging Gimlin not to take one. If Bigfoot believers were serious and wanted to be credible, they would insist that Gimlin take a polygraph or they wouldn't let him in at their conventions or give him any money.

Why wouldn't Gimlin take a polygraph, or is he too busy suing Patterson's widow over money from the film and getting attention off of the film to take time out of his schedule to add credibility behind it?

Kal Kroff's article shows testimony from people who knew Roger Patterson and claimed that he admitted that he faked footprints, once claimed a bigfoot lifted the back end of his vehicle off of the ground with him in it, and that he hoaxed the film for his wife since he was dying of cancer (which he did in 1972).


Drew said...

I believe you are mistaking Jerry Merritt for BobH in the 2nd reel footage (when they are coming down the small incline from left to right?). While BobG has admitted that BobH's horse was at Bluff Creek.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that Patterson took a polygraph prior to the release of the footage?