Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jacob's Bear Photos Continued...

A bear with mange.

An Anonymous poster wanted me to examine the other photo of the mangy bear and show how it looks like a bear. Well, I don't have to since many other people have. The above picture was found off of this website, which doesn't know who to credit for it.

Also, as The Plaid Lemur points out, this creature has the same bone ratios as a black bear.

People need to keep in mind that it is:
#1 At an odd angle, people aren't use to seeing bears from that angle.
#2 Suffering from mange, so it appears slightly different than typical bears.
#3 At night, so the clarity isn't good.

A mangy bear, by definition has less fur or no fur and therefore the legs will appear longer as the fur makes the body appear thinner. On top of it, mange can cause an animal to lose weight and therefore become thinner, making the legs appear even longer.

Roughly 50 percent of the area's bears have the disease, including over 80 percent of the adult females. Even the few females that don't currently exhibit the mange-like symptoms show signs of previous infection.

Granted, the above quote from National Geographic is about Florida bears, but it points out something that bigfoot believers have been avoiding. Adult Female bears are more likely to get mange, so it is possible for a mother bear to have mange and the cubs not to have mange. What do the 3 pictures show according to the skeptics? The 1st photo shows 2 cubs, the 2nd photo shows the mangy mother bear, and the 3rd photo shows a baby bear feeding off of the mother.

What we have here is something that:
  1. Has a black bear face.
  2. Is in an area where black bears are known to exist (Bigfoot can't even be proven to exist anywhere mind you).
  3. Is interacting with bears, or at least visits feed sights at the same time baby black bear cubs do.
  4. Has its front legs coming out of its shoulders as seen in photo 3 the same way that it does out of a bear and not out of a primate.
  5. Walks on all 4 legs like a bear, not on 2 feet like a bipedal bigfoot.
  6. Has the same bone ratios as a black bear.
  7. It looks like a mangy bear.
  8. Jacob's camera trap took pictures of what were black bears on past occasions.

A logical conclusion is that it is in fact a mangy bear.


Patty said...

The eyes you have drawn in are too wide for a bears body that size. The bear bones from a bear you have overlaid don't fit when you include the spine. Try investigating the site and you’ll see what you have drawn is impossible unless the belly has the tree growing through it. You will also find like others, (including a scientist and an engineer) if you take measurements using the original picture as a guide using the same type of game camera the proportions are not of a bear. It doesn’t matter because they don’t need this picture anymore to prove Bigfoot is real because they since have collected excellent thermal videos of full size ones now.

Anonymous said...

In response to Patty:
- The eyes look correctly proportioned for a black bear. In fact, they are drawn in proportionate to the outline of the head that is attached to that body.
- The bear bones fit just fine. The bear is at an angle, so the spine would also be angled.
- The proportions are exactly that of a bear, since the subject is, in fact, a bear, but at an irregular angle people are not used to viewing, so they make things up, like "sasquatch".
- Your comment about the tree makes no sense, since the belly looks perfectly fine for a black bear.