Monday, June 16, 2008

BFRO, claims that the above is a bigfoot. Despite all of the evidence that it is in fact a mangy bear, BFRO insists that it is a bigfoot. Look at the picture below and notice the two eyes, and then your mind can make out a bear face, not a bigfoot/primate face.


Anonymous said...

The one photo of three that you selected could be, if you look at it just right (in an optical illusion sort of way), ALMOST look like a bear.

That's one photo. How does this one 'appear' to be a bear?

Anonymous said...

The light up eyes you have added are too far apart for a bear that size. Just as others have said, I did a comparison and they're way off. This one is either a primate or a major hoax. Why else would they post pictures of bears with it from the begining if they didn't want to give you that sense of doubt? The bear/squatch argument is what made this sighting popular. The proportions are not the same as a bear. If it was a hoax it was brilliantly done.