Thursday, June 26, 2008


Victory over on Loren Coleman's cryptomundo board. Every post with a link that I make is quickly deleted. Every point against the mid-tarsal break is deleted. They can't debate and therefore admit defeat!


Anonymous said...

I doubt it, Morse. They just know you are a nuisance and don't have any facts to back up your claims as usual.

Andrew said...

If WildBackdunesman was indeed a nuisance he would be made an example of to discourage others.

Nah, sounds like a proverbial white flag to me. No answers = delete key.
Sensible people have put up with stupid claims like "bury ther dead (Yes ALL of them over ALL time)to explain no remains for too long. It is time footers were made to explain such ludicrous theories.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me! Everytime I posted a valid point my post was deleted. That makes no sense, why remove well worded, precise, and true comments? I must say everything on Cryptomundo has to be LIES and Loren Coleman knows it!