Friday, June 27, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

A certain cowardly bigfoot site, where they don't want a real debate so they delete replies has an interesting post about an alleged Bigfoot Massacre!

The Patterson Film stabilized by Davis.

FYI Davis is a guy who blows up a grainy 1967 film and somehow sees more detail then is possible and it makes him a cult hero of the 'footer crowd. Some of his 'antics' include showing that the Bigfoot in Patterson's 1967 film has jiggling breasts. He does this by showing 3 frames...where:

  1. each frame has a different rotation
  2. the body of the bigfoot is turned to a different angle in relation to the camera
  3. through him altering the colors. All 3 of which can falsely appear to show jiggling

The sad thing is that apparently Davis and the Pattycakes don't realize that doing any 1 of the 3 above will skew results and he does all 3. You could even take 3 copies of the exact same image, change the color and rotation, and make it appear that there is movement -- that isn't even considering how bigfoot's body changed angle in the course of the 3 frames that he chose. If he could show Patty's breasts jiggling through legitimate means don't you think that he would? For Patty, the bigfoot in Patterson's film, any breasts the size of basketballs wouldn't be as rigid as they appear in the film.

Anyways, back to Davis' new claim. Davis got his hands on original frames of the film from Mrs. Patterson and they do not exactly match up with the film itself. This suggest that the film released to the public was altered from the original shot. Meldrum (of dubious intellectual merit) also had noticed that the film had been touched up a little. If they are right, then the Patterson film has been doctored.

Why would the Patterson 1967 Bigfoot film be doctored? What would they try to cover up? A bad hair day for Patty? A hoax, naw couldn't be... Davis, says they airburshed out hemoraging from Gimlin shooting bigfoot. LOL.... Great leap of logic. No wonder bigfoots are so rare Patterson and Gimlin massacred them all!

From the link:
M.K. indicated that Hancock’s materials did appear to be airbrushed inpart, in areas. Not that it was done by him! Dr. Meldrum concurred, and stated that he had previously discovered a modification in one of those frames as well.

8 glass slides that he obtained from Mrs. Patterson. The slides are taken from the original film. The slides show that the original film was “touched up” by the processor who is a friend of Mr. Patterson’s who worked for Kodak.
What is the typical pattycake response? To investigate why the film was altered? To demand that Gimlin finally take a polygraph? Or as GrayBear says:

Make it go away! Leave it alone and let it die the lonely death that it so richly deserves.
"Make it go away!" The Patterson film is too important to us. So we won't question why the film was doctored, we will just say that it is wrong to make the jump that poor Patty was killed by Gimlin and Patterson and then have it burried.....ahhhh ignorance is bliss.

There is a reason one of the original reels was lost, and the other edited and now apparently doctored. It is the same reason that Heironimus who appears in the Patterson footage has passed 2 polygraphs that it is all a hoax and Gimlin won't take a polygraph.

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