Friday, August 15, 2008

'Footers fooled again

Surprise surprise, even "expert" 'footers like Loren Coleman were suckered in to believing the latest bigfoot hoax.

Yet, once again, it unravels away. They used a common costume in their hoax and a proven bigfoot hoaxer to help verify it.

I really pity all of the gullible believers that got their hopes up.

P.S. If the government combed every square inch of the woods in that region looking for Eric Robert Rudolph, shouldn't they have turned up a bigfoot?


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with your sentiments about bigfoot but I would like point out that ERR wqas caught dumpster diving and not in the woods. It is also likely that he had help from sympathetic persons and most likely wasn't in the woods most of the time.

Again not dissent but I don't think the search in the woods was nessicarily as extensive as one might suppose.

Nice blog!

Lawrence said...

I am one who only believed what I've seen. I didn't "believe" in bigfoot... until three years ago. I saw one. I live in Missouri and we do not have "bears" here. Whatever it was, it wasn't a bear. Can I explain what it was? Upright... walking... chestnut brown and it's face looked like a man... a man that was nearly 8 foot tall. Unless NBA players are running around the forests of Missouri, I'm quite certain it was something unexplainable. Tell me, as a man who was a skeptic, who hunts and lives most of his life outdoors, tell me what else it could have been? Because I can tell you it was not a bear. The smell was almost like a skunk and with a mixture of rotten lettuce. I'm just telling you, if you want to believe there's nothing out there "like this", that's fine. I believed like you do, once upon a time. But I've seen something that I can't explain. Can gorillas live in the US... It's face was so human. But ask a skeptic, you only believe what you'd like. Maybe someday I can come back on this blog and say "I told you so."

Anonymous said...

Is this Blog still going?

Ray Christensen said...

You're kidding right????!!!

Listen pal, I have researched Sasquatch for 29 years. Sasquatch exists. If I took you on an expedition you wouldn't last two nights, trust me. I'm a United States Marine and trust me when I tell you that you would NOT last 48 hours in the bush , let along 5-6 weeks. Also, anytime that you are writing about something that you're so sure about, get the facts straight there expert.

Loren Coleman is a MAN, NOT A WOMAN smart guy.

Ya feel kinda stupid now , don't 'cha?